Please choose the best answer for each question.

1) Malaria prophylaxis is recommended for traveler who plan to

2) An recent-immigrant from Africa request for medical check up. He is completely asymptomatic. The following tests should be done; EXCEPT

3) High altitude sickness is likely to occur in travelers who

4) A couple plan to take a 2 week-trip to in Brazil, Peru and Argentina. They should be advised to prevent some infectious diseases as followed EXCEPT

5) Which traveler could be considered as immunocompromised and should not be vaccinated with live vaccine?

6) Acetazolamide is recommended in travelers who

7) Traveler to which country has the highest risk of getting malaria?

8) A 24-year-old Thai woman who is 21 weeks pregnant. She will be traveling with her husband throughout Zimbabwe for 2 weeks. The recommended option for malaria prophylaxis in this trip is

9) Which vaccine is considered protective even giving the first shot on the departure day?

10) Meningococcal vaccine should be considered in travelers who travel to which country in dry season?

11) Which is the most effective treatment of high altitude pulmonary edema?

12) Traveler who plan for a safari trip in Kenya will pose some risk of the following infectious diseases EXCEPT.  

13) Yellow fever is recommended for travelers visiting which country?

14) A 25-year-old English backpacker developed fever, headache and myalgia for 3 days. He has just returned from his 1 month adventurous trip in Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique. His activities included trekking, cycling, rafting and swimming in fresh water lake and ocean.

His physical examination was unremarkable except fever and urticaria.
Malaria thick film- negative.
CBC  Hct 40% WBC 9000 N55 L25 Eo 20 Platelet 300,000.

What is the most likely diagnosis?

15. An American woman live in the East coast of the USA. She develops skin lesion shown in the photo belowed. What is the treatment of choice?

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