SBET regimen in Thailand and Southeast Asia

The concept of SBET is a life-saving treatment kit of malaria. So we have to use the medication that effective against P. falciparum malaria which is the most dangerous malaria. Howover all other malaria species will be killed by those medication also. (except the liver stage of P.vivax, we have to add primaquine to eradiacate them)

Since malaria in Southeast Asis is multi-drug resistance strain.  Our standard treatment for P. falciparum is artemisinin combination therapy, normally we use artesunate plus mefloquine.

So our recommended SBET regimens are

1 Artesunate plus Mefloquine
        Dosage 1. Artesunate (50mg) 
                               4 tab at once on Day1 
                               4 tab at once on Day2
                               and 4 tab at once on Day3
                      2. Mefloquine (250mg) 
                               3 tab at once on Day 4, and 2 tab 6-12 hour later

2 Atovaqone/Proguinil (Malarone®)  or in Thailand registered as “Malanil®” 
                               4 tab at once on Day1
                               4 tab at once on Day2
                               4 tab at once on Day3

Please be informed that Antimalarial medication in Thailand are special reserved medications. Our Ministry of Public Health has strict rule and regulation to control the use of antimalarial medication in our country. So they will be available in some public/university hospitals only. Antimalarial medication is not available over the counter and must be prescribed from a qualified medical doctor only.

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