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Available vaccines in our clinic and Price list 


Vaccine Cost in Baht
Cost in USD 
Cholera vaccine (Dukoral®) (Out of stock)
759 $23
Dengue vaccine (Dengvaxia®) (Out of stock) 2,930 $87
 New JE vaccine SA14-14-2 (CD JEvax®, Imojev® 498 $16
Hepatitis A+B (Twinrix®) (Out of stock) 1,065 $32
Hepatitis A vaccine (Avaxim®)
1,473 $43
Hepatitis A vaccine for Children (Avaxim 80®) 836 $25
Hepatitis B vaccine(Euvax B®) 314 $10
HPV vaccine (Gardasil®) (Out of stock) 2,464 $72
Influenza vaccine (Quadrivalent) 
437 $13
Meningococcal conjugate (Menactra®) 
2,435 $71
MMR (Mump-Measles-Rubella) vaccine 192 $6
Pneumococcal vaccine (Prevnar®) 2,360 $69
injectable Polio vaccine (IPV)  420 $13
Rabies vaccine (Verorab®) 373 $11
Tdap (tetanus+diptheria+pertussis) 
622 $18
Tdap + Polio vaccine (Out of stock)
848 $25
Tetanus + Diphtheria (dT) 62 $3
Tetanus toxoid 48 $2
Typhoid vaccine (Typbar®)  319 $10
Varicella vaccine(Varilrix®) 1,120 $33
Yellow Fever vaccine (Stamaril®) 1,200 $36
Zoster vaccine (Zostavax®) (Out of stock) 4,942 $145
Rabies immunoglobulin (ERIG)  depend on body weight

          Update 20 October 2017

        -  Doctor fee (100 Baht), Hospital fee (70Baht) are not included in price list
        -  Price is per one dose of vaccine

        -  Some vaccines need >1 shot to complete 

        -  More info on: Schedule and duration of protection of travel vaccine

        -  Prices are subject to change without notices and price in US dollar are calculated as 1 USD=34 Baht
        -  If you visit us in our Extended service hour, the doctor fee and vaccine cost will be higher (more info)


Vaccination Process:  

  1. Our client should bring his/her vaccination certificate (if any)
  2. You can make an appointment for your convenience. Please specify your name, age, sex
        and type of vaccines requested, and your prefered date and time.
  3. Counseling with qualified doctor, discuss risk and benefit of vaccine.
  4. Sign the informed consent.
  5. Vaccination is given by qualified nurse. Doctor will complete your vaccination record.
  6. All clients must be observed in our clinic at least 30 min after being vaccinated.

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