About us

Welcome to Thai Travel Clinic’s blog. This is an official blog of the Travel Clinic of Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University.

We aim to use this blog as add-on communication channel beside our official website.

As a nature of blog, we could create conversational-tone articles which are not as formal as in our website. We will include common questions being asked in our clinic such as “Should I take antimalarial tablet in Thailand?”, “What is my risk to get malaria in Thailand?”, and so on. All travel health information in Thailand could be found here. Some interesting posts that might interested you;


You are invited to watch the video below to learn more about our institute. 



You’re always welcome to participate this blog e.g.  share your experiences, let us know your comments/suggestions. Please feel free to do so.

Have a safe and pleasant trip in Thailand!

TravM Dr.