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Hospital for Tropical Diseases
Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University

Services in our Travel Clinic


These are our services:

•   Pre and Post travel counseling 
•   Vaccination and certification. view Price List
•   Malaria prevention and prophylaxis.
•   Health check up and certificate
•   Rabies post-exposure treatment

•   Travelers' diarrhea: Diagnosis and treatment
•   Information center for tropical diseases and emerging diseases
•   Laboratory diagnostic test for malaria, parasites, and other tropical diseases

•   Tuberculin skin test (Mantoux test) and blood for interferon-gamma release assay (IGRAs)
•   Treatment of medical diseases


Service Hours:

For vaccination and pre-travel counselling:

                      Monday - Friday 8:00 - 16:00 (last walk-in at 15:00)


Extended Service 

                      Monday - Thursday 16:00 - 19:00 (last walk in at 18:00)

                      Saturday 9:00 - 16:00 (lunch break at noon and last walk-in at 15:00) 

                      Close on Sunday and Public holiday


        For COVID-19 pre-travel screening test: 

                              Monday - Friday 8:00 - 14:00 (last walk-in at 13:30)

                      Close on Saturday, Sunday and Public holiday 


NOTE:   It is strongly recommended to make an appoinment before visiting us. 

                    For vaccination and pre-travel counselling: here

                    For COVID-19 pre-travel screeing test: here

                    For COVID-19 vaccine passport: here


Pre and Post travel counseling
       To ensure a safe and enjoyable journey, travelers should seek medical advices regarding their health and endemic diseases. We provide all necessary health information before and after traveling worldwide.


Vaccination and immunization
      We provide complete range of immunization and vaccination. All travelers who request for immunization should bring his/her medical immunization record and passport. Vaccination is given after counseling with our staff only. See Vaccine price list.


Prophylaxis against Malaria
       Since malaria in Thailand and in Southeast Asia is the multidrug resistance strain. The used of antimalarial prophylaxis should be advised by the qualified medical staff only. Over-the-counter antimalarial drug is not recommended. In our clinic, we provide counseling on basic malaria information, epidemiology, how to prevent yourself from malaria and whether antimalarial drug is recommended for you. (more....)

Health check up and certificate
       Any persons who want to check up or need a health certificate can attend our clinic. We can provide standard physical examination, blood, urine exam and Chest X-ray. And health certificate is available after finished our process.


Rabies post-exposure treatment

       Possible rabies exposure is a medical urgency condition. If you're bitten, scratched by a dog, cat, monkey or any kind of mammal. Do not forget to clean the wound thoroughly with soap and water. You should also seek for medical care without delay. In most cases, you are recommended to get rabies vaccine +/- immunoglobulin. Useful article: what should I do if I get bitten by a dog (open in new window)


Travelers' diarrhea: Diangosis and Treatment

       Travelers' diarrhea is very common in travelers. Most travelers' diarrhea are mild and spontaneous recover. However in some cases it is recommended to see a doctor. Please read this article: I have traveler's diarrhea, what should I do? Should I see a doctor? 


Laboratory diagnostic facility
       Our hospital provides a 24 – hour malaria diagnosis. Moreover, we have a full range of laboratory tests, such as complete blood count, blood sugar, lipid profile, liver function test, stool examinations for parasites and diagnosis for other endemic infections diseases. (more....)


Screening test for Tuberculosis

       1. Tuberculin skin test (TST, Mantoux test)   

Tuberculin skin test is available in our hospital. However this service willbe available on Monday and Tuesday only. The travelers/patients need to come back 48-72 hours later for interpretation of the test. 

       2. Interferon-gramma release assay (IGRA, QuantiFERON)

       This is a blood test that aids in the detection of M. tuberculosis. This test provides good sensitivity and specificity. It is unaffected by prvious BCG vaccination. We provide this service only on Monday - Thursday between 8.00 -11.00 AM. 

       Appointment is required for this service. 

Treatment of Medical diseases 
       Hospital for Tropical Diseases can offer standard in – and out – patient medical care for travelers suffering from illness while staying in Thailand.


          Since we are the specialized hospital, we have NO Surgical / Trauma or OB/GYN department in our hospital. 


Update: 11 March 2024

Thai Travel Clinic, Hospital for Tropical Diseases,
Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand.
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Thai Travel Clinic, Hospital for Tropical Diseases,
Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand.
Copyright © 2005-2022 Thai Travel Clinic. All Rights Reserved.
Terms of Services. Privacy Policy.