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Diagnosis and Treatment of Tropical Diseases


            Travelers from the western world may acquire tropical infections while they travel in the tropics. There are many symptoms that suggest tropical infections such as fever, diarrhea, skin rash, etc. These group of patients may develop symptoms while or after their trips. They should tell the doctors about their travel history to help the doctors find the diagnosis. If you get sick in the tropics, it is strongly recommended to seek for the medical care. Since some tropical diseases such as malaria can be fatal if not received prompt treatment.

           We are specialized in Tropical / Travel medicine. So we can provide a comprehensive medical care in diagnosis, lab testing and treatment of many tropical diseases such as


•  Malaria – we have 24 hrs service for malaria.

•  Traveler's diarrhea

•  Scrub Typhus/Murine Typhus

•  Leptospirosis

•  Melioidosis

•  Typhoid fever/Paratyphoid fever

•  Dengue infection

•  Gnathostomiasis

•  Filariasis

•  Neurocysticercosis

•  Amoebic liver abscess

•  Viral Hepatitis

•  Intestinal parasites such as Hook worm, Ascariasis, strongyloidiasis, capillariasis

•  Larva migrans

•  Eosinophilia/Eosinophillic meningitis.

•  Tropical skin diseases

•  Tuberculosis

•  etc.


         Each diseases required different laboratory testings such as blood check, stool exam, molecular diagnosis, etc. Counseling with our staff is mandatory in this issue. 


lab1.JPG falciparum.jpg image007.jpg
Special laboratory malaria in red blood cell E. histolytica





Remark: It is strongly recommended to contact us first if you have one or more of the following conditions;


1. Has been diagnosed with tropical diseases or currently receive treatment from other hospital
2. Want to have a second opinion on your illness whether it is related to tropical diseases or not
3. Have a long/chronic signs/symptoms that suspected tropical diseases
4. Want to test for some parasites/worms in your body
5. Currently not live in Bangkok, but want to fly to Bangkok to receive medical care from us 









If you have the above condition, DO NOT just walk in. Please contact and discuss with us first by email. In most cases; you are requested to submit your previous medical record, lab finding, current medication list, etc, to us first, since these information are very important. They could help our doctor give a sound recommendation whether it is best to visit us.  



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