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List of FAQs in Our Travel Clinic  



Should I take antimalarial tablet in Thailand?

No. We do not recommend travelers to take antimalarial tablets in Thailand. However, it doesn’t mean that you do not need to prevent malaria. Mosquito bite prevention is strongly recommended.


There are several reasons why we do not recommend the use of antimalarial tablets in Thailand. Please refer to these articles from our blog:

Risk to get malaria in Thailand

Should I take antimalarial tablet in Thailand?


If you plan to rural areas of Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam. The situation and our recommendation may not be the same. Please consult the qualified medical professionals in this issue.


Can I just buy antimalarial medication or malarone in your hospital?

No. Antimalarial medication including malarone is not for sale. You cannot just simply buy it. 


However our doctor may consider to prescribe malaria medication including malarone for someone in needed in a case by case basis. Travelers are required to visit our travel clinic for malaria consultation. 


Read more: about malarone in our travel clinic 


Do I need to see a doctor in order to get a shot or get malaria pills?

Yes, absolutely. Our doctor will review your general health status, allergies, previous vaccination history as well as detail of your trip in order to provide a sound recommendation for you.


Where can I find the vaccine price list?

You can see the price list of all vaccines in our clinic in this webpage: Available vaccines in our clinic and price list.


Please note that if you visit us in our extended service hours, the vaccine price will be higher (approx 5-12% more than the usual price). Detail and price list in extended service is shown here.



Why the price of vaccine in your clinic is so low when compare to the US or European countries?

First thing to note, we use only the vaccines from reputable phamaceutical manufacturers such as GSK, Sanofi Pasteur, Crucell, etc. But you may notice that the cost of the vaccine in Thailand is much cheaper than in the western countries.


Here are some facts and explanation;

1. Some "travel" vaccines in the western countries are actually the routine ones in Thailand. Such as Hepatitis B vaccine and JE vaccine; these two vaccines have been included in our national program of immunization for many years. We give it to every people in Thailand in their childhood. So we have to spend a huge amount of vaccine per year when compare to the western countries. Therefore we could get a lower price just due to the economy of scale.

2. Moreover, like many medications, the pharmaceutical company usually set the price structure different from country to country. The GDP and the purchasing power of people in each country are usually the factors that they consider.

3. So according to #2,#3; we could buy most vaccines much cheaper than in the western countries. ... (READ MORE)


What is the total cost to get a vaccine in our travel clinic?

All clients visiting our travel clinic need to see our doctor who will review your medical history and discuss with you about your travel plan and vaccine. Our doctor, then will give you a prescription of vaccine and the nurse will get you a shot. 


In a simple 'getting a shot visit' you will need to pay:

1. A doctor fee: 200 baht. And the doctor fee will be 400 baht if you visit us at extended services

2. A hospital fee: 100 baht for normal office hour. For extended service, the hospital fee will be 150 baht. 

3. A registration fee: 20 baht only for the first visit

3. The cost of vaccine which will vary (see vaccine price list)


The total cost of each visit will be 1+2+3+4. If you need a blood test/x-ray/medication, you will need to pay more for those items. 




1. If our doctor just give you and advice and does not recommend any shot, you still need to pay the doctor fee and the hospital fee.

2. You cannot bring/carry your own vaccine and ask us to give the shot. We will never give any vaccine from outside our hospital. Since we cannot confirm its safety and efficacy. All vaccines need to be kept in a strict temperature control (cold-chain must be maintained).




How many shots that I can get on the same day?

There is no limit number of shot that you can get on the same visit. Receiving multiple shots on the same day do not effect the efficacy nor the safety of vaccine. 


Where can I find more information about specific vaccines?

You can find detail information about vaccines from these links: (Open in new windows)


1. World Health Organization (WHO) - International travel and health

2. Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) - Vaccine Information Sheet


Plan a visit / Appointment

What are the clinic business hours?


Our Service hours are:

Monday - Friday 8.00-16.00 (15.00 for walk-in client)


Extended Service hours:

      Monday, Tueday, Wednesday, Thursday 16.00-19.00 (18.00 for walk-in client)

      Saturday 9.00-12.00 and from 7th March, we will operate on Sat afternoon 13.00-16.00 as well


Our clinic close on Sunday and public holiday. Our extended clinic may be close on special occasion. 

Please see our clinic calendar via this link.




Do I need an appointment before visitng ThaiTravelClinic?

No, it is not necessary. But it is strongly recommended to make an appointment before visiting us.


If you choose to walk-in, you may have to wait for the clients with appointment first and it is very difficult to predict your waiting time.  


More information: How to make an appointment online




How can I make an appointment? / Will I get an confirmation email?

The best and easiest way to make an appointment is to do it online. You can choose your own date/time and fill some basic information. Once the on-line booking is completed, you will get the confirmation via email instantly.


Just Click here to make an appointment.


Please be informed that:

1) You need to make an appointment at least 10 hours in advance.

2) You can make an appointment for up to 2 persons in one slot. If your group is larger than 2, please make another booking nearby. And the whole group can see a doctor all together. 

3) If you need some instruction on how to booking, please visit this page: How to make an online appointment


If your preferred slot is unavailable, you can add your email in the Notification List in order to be informed if that slot becomes avaiable again. Read more: New Feature: Notification List.





We have >2 members in our group, how can we make a booking?

One booking slot in our system can accommodate 1-2 persons. If your group is larger than 2, just make another booking nearby. 


For example, if you have 4 members i.e. A,B,C,D and the slots are available at 9.00-9.15 and 9.15-9.30.

You should:

1. Make an appointment for A,B at 9.00-9.15 and make an appointment for C,D at 9.15-9.30. 

2. Inform us in the remark box that you are actually the same group of travelers.

3. We will allow your whole group to see our doctors together. So all of you should visit us at 9.00.


If you can find only one slot and there is no adjacent slot to book; please try different date/time. 


 Click here to make an appointment.


I got an error on the appointment system, what should I do?

Online booking is the most easy way to make an appointment with us. Unfortunately, few travelers might experience some problems with the booking system. So please try the following steps, if you experience an error report in our system:


1. Double check your text entry. Since the most common cause of error in the online booking system is the symbol "#". So if your passport number contain the symbol "#" such as #XXXXXXX, please simply put only the numbers or characters not symbol. If you put any symbol like "#", in any textbox, it will cause error.  


2. If your receive the "Error code 400 server call" or "Bad Request Error 400" or something similar, please clear your browser cache. Then try again.


3. If clear cache does not help, try to use different browser. Of if you got the error on Mobile phone booking, try to use PC/Desktop it is much more reliable way to book. 


4. Try to book via this link: Alternative simple booking screen


5. If everything fails, please contact us via this email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How can I change an appointment?

If you need to change your appointment, simply make a new one online. And please do not forget to cancel your existing appointment as well. 

How can I cancel an appointment?

Just open your confirmation email, there is a Cancellation link there. Just click it. Please note that you have to cancel your appointment at least 4 hours in advance. 


If you really need to cancel your appointment in short notice. Please inform us by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or call us at 02-3069100 ext 3034 (Office hour only)



I have limited time in Bangkok and all slots are fully booked. Can I just walk-in?

Although you may 'walk in' to our clinic, it is strongly recommended to make an appointment before visiting us. Since if you choose to walk in, you have to wait for the clients with appointment first and it is very difficult to predict your waiting time.


If you choose to walk-in, you have to be at our clinic before 15.00 on the weekday. Or you can visit our Extended service on Mon-Tue 16.00-19.00 or Saturday clinic on 9.00-12.00. 


We will try our best to accommodate all walk-in client to see our doctor and get the service on the same day. However, we cannot guarantee. It is possible in some cases, we may not be able to serve you on that day especially if you walk in the afternoon and we have a full booking. So make an appointment is highly-recommended. 





Where is your clinic? Should I take a taxi or BTS sky train?

Our travel clinic is in the center of Bangkok. The easiest way is to use the BTS sky train. You can find the detail instruction, map including the virtual direction via this link.  

At our travel clinic

Why do I need to fill a Travel Clinic health questionnaire?

There are many factors that our doctor have to consider before giving vaccine or malaria advice. Those factors included 

  • How long will you stay?; which part of Thailand that you would like to travel to?
  • Will you travel to other country in Southeast Asia?
  • What will be your activity and your accommodation during this trip?
  • How about your general health status? Any allergies? Any current medication?
  • Are you in special group? e.g. Pregnant woman, traveling with kids, elderly, immnunodeficiency
  • Any previous vaccination history?

These information are necessary for our doctor to consider which vaccine would work best for you? And in order to save time, we develop our travel clinic questionnaire to be a communication tool for us.



What is the vaccination process in Thai Travel Clinic?

  1. Once you arrive, you are requested to fill the hospital registration form and the clinic questionnaire inquiring about your general health status, pervious vaccination record, detail of your trip, etc.
  2. Our nurses will be check your weight, height and blood pressure
  3. You will meet with one of our doctors. Discuss risk and benefit of vaccines, and other important issues e.g. malaria prevention, etc
  4. Sign the vaccine consent.
  5. Go to our cashier and pharmacy unit (locate in the same area)
  6. Get the shots from our qualifed nurses
  7. All clients must be observed in our clinic at least 30 min after being vaccinated.

How long will the whole vaccination process take?

Most traveler will complete the whole vaccination process within 1.5 hour (1 hour and 30 minute). Time breakdown is as follow;


1 Fill the Health questionnaire and complete the registration process 10-15 minutes

2 Consult with our doctor 20-30 minutes

3 Payment and get the shots 10-15 minutes

4 Observe in our clinic 30 minutes


For your convenience, please make an appointment and fill the Health Questionnaire online. So you will get step#1 done before you arrive.


For "walk-in" client, it is difficult to predict the waiting time. So it is recommended to make an appointment before visiting us. 


Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we accept Visa and Master Card for the payment over 500 baht. 


Why do I need to stay in the clinic for 30 min after getting a shot?

Vaccine and vaccination process are very safe. Most side effects, such as pain or fever, if any, will be mild and spontaneous recover.


However, there is one immediate serious reaction to vaccine called anaphylaxis. It is very rare and only occurs when your body totally reject the vaccine. The patient will develop rash, syncope, difficulty of breathing which require immediate medical treatment. After prompt and proper treatment, patient will be recovered perfectly.


Unfortunately, there is no way to predict who will develop this reaction. But if it will occur, it wll occur immediately. Most case develop within 5-10 min after getting shot. This is why, just to be sure and safe, you should stay in our hospital for at least 30minutes. Should any immediate reaction happen, we could treat you promptly.


Will I get a vaccination record after getting a shot?

Yes, we will issue you a new vaccination record, at no extra cost. Or if you have your own record, we will fill and update it for you.   

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Thai Travel Clinic, Hospital for Tropical Diseases,
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Copyright © 2005-2022 Thai Travel Clinic. All Rights Reserved.
Terms of Services. Privacy Policy.