Why we don’t set any vaccine bundle-package or promotion in our clinic?

Some travelers might wonder that why we do not set a vaccine-bundle package or any promotion in our clinic. Although it may be a good marketing idea for any clinics, we simply don’t do it.  Why? Here are some reasons/explanation:

1. We believe that the reasonable pre-travel vaccines for all travelers are not the same even they travel to the same destination. Risk of acquiring infectious diseases are different between person to person. So we need a proper risk-assessment in order to give a sound recommendation.

For example, a businessman who plan to visit Bangkok for only a week come to see me and ask for a vaccine, we may recommend none. In contrast to a backpacker who plan to traveling in Thailand for 2 months, in this case, we may recommend rabies vaccine, JE vaccine, HepA/B and tetanus vaccine. So we could not just develop a ‘vaccine-list’ that would fit for all.

2. Let’s say, if we could create a table like this for travelers to India, what do you think?

Recommended vaccine for India  Cost
Vaccine A 300 Baht
Vaccine B 700 Baht
Vaccine C 1,200 Baht
Package (A+B+C) 2,000 Baht (Save 200)

This table is easy to understand and will make some travelers feel great. Since if they choose to get all three vaccines they even get some discounts. But we will not do it.

Why??  We train our doctors to do their best risk assessment for each individuals and give sound and straightforward recommendation. Such as we have Mr. X in our clinic and his itinerary do not cause any risk from disease C, so we will recommend only vaccine A+B, not include C. On the other hand, if we see Mr Y and he will go to some remote area where disease D is common, so we will recommend vaccine A+B+C and also vaccine D.  You’ll see if we have a package like that, it may impact the doctors and travelers’ decision.

3. Although package and promotion is commonly used in many clinics/hospitals as a marketing tool, we  do think that marketing should not play any role in medicine. Otherwise it may distort the ethics and professionalism. So in order to maintain our ‘integrity’ we do not use any marketing tools in our clinic. You will never see somethings like: Buy 2 vaccines and get 20% discount, or Get these three vaccines for only 2,000 baht (save 200 baht). We will never do that.

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