Safety of JE vaccine

Previously, an inactivated mouse brain-derived vaccine  is the only JE vaccine that available and widely used especially in Asia. Many Asian countries including Thailand  put JE vaccine into our routine immunization program for our children. Since it is a mouse brain derived vaccine, some authorities concern about its safety. However after widely used in many countries in Asia, many reports show that the risk to develop serious side-effects or serious allergic reaction from the vaccine is very rare.

However, now several new JE vaccines are available in the market.

1. New Live attenuated SA-14-14-2 JE vaccine (CD JEvax). This is the main JE vaccine that we give to travelers in our travel clinic. It is made from China and has been use in many countries in Asia since 2006. Many millions children in Asia has received this vaccine. Its safety profile is very good. Serious side effect is rare. For travelers, single dose of lived JE vaccine gives good protection for at least a year. This vaccine is not available in the US or Europe.

Since this is a live vaccine, so we could not give this vaccine to a pregnant women, people with deficiency in immune system or people who are on immunosuppressive drug.

You can read more information about its safety on WHO official website via this link: Safety issue of live attenuated SA-14-12-2 JE vaccine

2.Inactivated Vero Cell Culture-Derived JE Vaccine (IXIARO). This new vaccine is licensed and available in the US and in European countries. It requires two doses in the interval of 4 weeks apart. Its safety profile is very good. Currently it is licensed to use in the adult more than 17 years of age only. And it is not available in our travel clinic.

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