New version of our website

We are pleased to announce that we have just released the new version of our website. It goes live early of this year. Here are some important changes and some news features in our website.


1. Upgrade our backbone system to Joomla 2.5   We used Joomla 1.5  as our core system since 2009. It worked pretty well and could satisfied the need of our users and admins. But Joomla 1.5 came to the end of support in early 2012. So we decided to migrate to Joomla 2.5 which has many great  features and much improved security. Our users may not aware of this internal change. But it does help us improve our website in term of security, speed and performance.


2. Introduce our new online appointment system  Our users could  now easily make their appointments online. In the new system, they will see our availability slots directly from our website. Then they could choose their prefered date/time, fill some information, and just click submit. Immediately after that, they will get a confirmation message. Please visit this linkfor detail insturction on how to make an appointment.



3. Create new FAQ sections  From our daily practices, we collected some common asked questions in our clinic such as Should I tatke antimalarial tablet in Thailand? Do I need … vaccine for traveling in Thailand?,  Do I need to make an appointment? Then we create the FAQ section on our website, so users could find the right answers in timely fashion.


4. Create mobile optimized size Nowaday, up to 10% of our visitors use their mobile phones to visit our website. As everyone know, mobile phone users has several limitations when browsing or viewing the desktop content. So we decided to mobilize our website. Now our mobile users will automatically redirect to our mobile-optimized site ( where they could browse and find some information without difficulty anymore.  However, as most mobile websites, the content of moblie version is a just fraction of full desktop site. So our users could always go back to full desktop site anytime by just click the link on the footer of all pages.


We hope that our users will have great experience when visiting our website. Please feel free to comment or give us some suggestion on how we could improve our website. Your help is much appreciated.

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