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Availability of Malarone



             Malarone is registered in Thailand and is now available in our hospital under the name  "Malanil".  It is an antimalarial medication which contain two active ingredients (Atovaquone + Proquinil) in one tablet.  It can be used for treatment and for prevention of malaria. World Health Organization and the US CDC list malarone as one of the recommended antimalarial prophylaxis for travelers.



Fact about Malarone in Thailand



1. Malarone as well as other antimalarials are special reserved medications in Thailand. The Ministry of Public Health, Thailand and Thai FDA have strict rules and regulations to control the use and distribution of antimalarials in Thailand. It is because we face with multi-drugs resistant malaria in our region and this problem will be more severe if we could not control the use of antimalarial medication. So antimalarial medication in Thailand will be available in some university/public hospitals only.



2. Malarone is available in our Travel Clinic, however it is not intended for sale. We have a clear guideline on the use and distribution of Malarone. For example, we will not sell Malarone on internet/on phone or via messenger and will not sell malarone to any third party. Our doctor may consider to prescribe Malarone for someone in needed in a case by case basis. Travelers are required to visit our travel clinic for malaria consultation. 

We may not recommend the use of antimalarials in some travelers; while in some cases, we may prescribe Malarone as a stand-by medication. And in some cases, we may prescribe Malarone (or other antimalarial medication) for malaria prevention; especially in travelers who  

-  travel in high risk desination (such as Africa, Papua New Guinea, Ocenia)
-  travel in risk area where medical facility is limited (SBET is another option)
-  have conditions which might lead to severe, life threatening condition if get malaria
-  currently on antimalarials for prevention of malaria but run out of it during trip
-  etc.



3. Malarone is registed as Malanil in Thailand. It is exactly the same medication, same component (atovaquone 250 mg plus proguinil 100 mg) and has been manufactured by the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). We imported this medication directly from the GSK.



4. We are also facing the problem of counterfeit antimalarial tablet especially in border area and in Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Please keep in mind that Malarone and other antimalarial medication will not be available over the counter or in small clinic. If you could find it, it is likely to be a counterfeit tablet.