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WHO International certificate of vaccination


If you plan to visit to yellow fever risk area i.e. in Africa and Latin America, you’re required to get the Yellow Fever vaccine. It is the only mandatory vaccine required by World Health Organization’s International Health Regulation (WHO-IHR 2005).

And according to the IHR, passenger need to carry the International certificate of vaccination to show at the port of entry. Generally, this certificate will be printed in yellow and its detail and/or layout may be different according to each vaccination center. However, all valid certificate have to comply with WHO regulation for example;


  1.  The certificate must be completed in English or French; an additional language may be used.
  2.  Certificates must be signed in the hand of the clinician, who shall be a medical practitioner or
         other authorized health worker.  The certificate must also bear the official stamp of the 
         administering centre; however, this shall not be an accepted substitute for the signature.
  3.  Any amendment of this certificate, or erasure, or failure to complete any part of it, may
         render it invalid.
  4.  Certificates are individual and shall in no circumstances be used collectively. Separate
         certificates shall be issued for children.
  5.  The certificate is valid for 'life of person vaccinated", beginning 10 days after the date of
         vaccination. In the event of revaccination, it is valid from the date of revaccination. The medical
         professional completing the certificate must record the validity dates (certificate valid
         from…….until……..) in the column provided on the certificate.

Here is the standard international certificate of vaccination from WHO which we use in our clinic.

vaccine cert


Anytime, when you get yellow fever vaccine anywhere. Please have a look and double check your vaccine certificate. Please do not miss the following points since they are important and might make your certificate invalid.

1. Check your name and your passport number. Both must be correct according to your passport.

2. All detail about yellow fever vaccination in this page must be completed.

international 3


3. Signature of the clinician and official stamp of the vaccination clinic are required.

4. This certificate must not contain any  amendments/erasures. Please ask the clinic staff to replace the new one for you if there are some mistakes.

5. Finally, if everything is ok. Please keep it with you. And have a good trip!

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