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Malaria map in Southeast Asia


        The information in this page is derived from “Mekong Malaria II” which is published in The Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health Volume 34 (supplement 4) 2003. This monograph could not be done without strong collaborations. Major contributors were SEAMEO Trop Med Networks, Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol Univesity. And this project also received financial network of World Health Organization Roll Back Malaria and the European Commission Regional Malaria Control Programme. In “Mekong Malaria II”, there were detailed information in 6 countries in Mekong Region. The countries are:

- Kingdom of Cambodia [Cambodia]
- People’s Republic of China Yunnan Province
- Lao People’s Democratic Republic [Lao PDR]
- Union of Myanmar [Myanmar]
- Kingdom of Thailand [Thailand]
- Socialist Republic of Viet Nam [Viet Nam]


            Here are some maps in the monograph. All right reserved.
                    - Detailed data in each province in each country
                    - Geographic data in South East Asia
                    - Malaria cases in Mekong region
                    - Malaria incidence rate


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