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Research Project:

Health Problems among short-term travelers from developed countries to Southeast Asia: A Prospective Study.


Background of the research:


         Southeast Asia is one of the most visited destination among travelers from developed countries. The incidence of health problems among travelers to this region is still unknown. Because most of the data were from ill returned travelers who seek for medical care, or focused on some specific diseases. Only few cohort studies had been done, with very small proportion of travelers visiting Southeast Asia.

         Therefore, this study will be conducted, follow the same cohort since they begin their travel to the end of the travel in order to determine the chance of getting sick while travel and also after return to their countries of residence. Not only that, but also how they manage with their health problems and how these problems impact on them.

        The results from this study would enable doctors at travel clinics to know the risk of becoming ill among travelers to Southeast Asia, especially when the travelers visit and ask for the pre- and post-travel advices.


People who may participate in this research are as follow:

  1. International travelers from developed countries aged more than 15 years old
  2. Arrived to any countries in Southeast Asia within 7 days
  3. Travel itinerary limited to Southeast Asian countries
  4. Travel duration between 1 week to 2 months
  5. Visit one of our research sites: Travel clinic of the Hospital for Tropical Diseases or Immunization and Travel Clinic at Queen Saovabha Memorial Institiute, Thai Red Cross Society
  6. Be able to read, understand and answer English paper and online questionnaires

          Note:  Participate in this study is completely voluntary. Participate/Not participant in this research has no effect to any service/medical care you may receive in our clinic/hospital. 


Detail and method of the study


            After complete a visit at one of the study sites, the eligible participants will be invited from investigator team to participate in the research. Patient information sheet and written informed consent will be obtained from the participants. Questionnaires in this study will be self-report. At the first visit, paper-based questionnaire will ask about general information and also the contacts.

           There will be 3 follow-up online questionnaires sent to the participant at 3 different point of time; 2 weeks after arrival, departure day and 2 weeks after return home, in order to determine the incidence of health problems according to when and where the onset of symptoms occur, how long the symptoms last, how the travelers deal with their illnesses and also the impact of the illness to the travelers.

           This research is a part of the Residency Training in Travel Medicine and the Master Degree of Clinical Tropical Medicine (MCTM) course. The principle investigator of this research is Dr. Phimphan Pisutsan.

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