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 Research Project: 

 Knowledge, attitudes, practices, and self-treatment of sick international travelers 





           International travel has become more and more popular especially in the last few decades. Unfortunately, health problems among international travelers in developing countries are not uncommon. Despite the large numbers of foreigners who stay or travel in Thailand every year, relatively little is known about their knowledge, their awareness of risk, or how well they take care themselves before they go to a hospital when they get sick. 

          This study intends to evaluate the knowledge, attitude and practice in sick travelers. We believe that the better we understand them, the better care we could provide. 



Eligible participants


          1. Persons who aged equal to or more than 18 years old

          2. get sick while traveling or have travel-related diseases

          3. can communicate and understand the English questionnaires

          4. can be followed up by email or telephone number 

          5. Willing to participate in this study


          Note:  Participate in this study is completely voluntary. Participate/Not participant in this research has no effect to any service/medical care you may receive in our clinic/hospital. 



Detail and method of the study

             Participant will be asked to fill a questionnaire at the clinic. The first questionnaire will be asked about the health problems, and also the attitude and practice before visiting the hospital. Participants will be asked for their email or/and telephone numbers to use for follow up their symptoms on the day 7, 14, (and day 28 in mammal bite group) to be sure that all traveler have complete recovery.   


           This research is a part of the Residency Training in Travel Medicine and the Master Degree of Clinical Tropical Medicine (MCTM) course. The principle investigator of this research is Dr. Ranida Poksiri.



Koh Larn, another famous island in the gulf of Thailand




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