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Hospital for Tropical Diseases
Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University

All clients visiting our travel clinic need to see our doctor who will review your medical history and discuss with you about your travel plan and vaccine. Our doctor, then will give you a prescription of vaccine and the nurse will get you a shot. 


In a simple 'getting a shot visit' you will need to pay:

1. A doctor fee: 100 baht (will be 300 baht if you visit us on extended services)

2. A hospital fee: 70 baht

3. The cost of vaccine which will vary (see vaccine price list)


The total cost of each visit will be 1+2+3. If you need a blood test/x-ray/medication, you will need to pay more for those items. 




1. If our doctor just give you and advice and does not recommend any shot, you still need to pay the doctor fee and the hospital fee (170 baht).

2. You cannot bring/carry your own vaccine and ask us to give the shot. We will never give any vaccine from outside our hospital. Since we cannot confirm its safety and efficacy. All vaccines need to be kept in a strict temperature control (cold-chain must be maintained).




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