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Hospital for Tropical Diseases
Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University


Virtual on-campus direction to Thai Travel Clinic



         We realize that getting around the university campus to find the right buidling is not easy. So we create this virtual direction to our clinic. You may use the control button at the bottom to move slideshow backward/forward. Or simply sit back and run the slideshow.  

1. This is the starting point.
2. From Rajvithi Rd, turn left to the Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol U. campus
3. Go straight ahead on the road. Our hospital building (Rajanagarindra building) is a new 16-floors building on your front.
4. The entrance is on the ground floor, slightly on your right.
5. Enter to the Rajanagarindra Building (the Hospital building).
6. This is the reception hall, if you have an appointment you may proceed to the 3rd floor. Otherwise, please contact information counter for registration first.        If you visit us on Saturday. Just take an escalator to 2nd floor. We operate there.
7. Take an elevator to the 3rd floor where our travel clinic located.
8. You will be at the Out Patient Department (OPD).
9. Turn right, our travel clinic is on the right wing of the OPD.
10. Here we are!!
1. This is the starting point.
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Thai Travel Clinic, Hospital for Tropical Diseases,
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